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We reduce your taxes and optimize your deductions.

We focus on lowering our clients taxable income and permanently resolving IRS and State tax issues. If there is a way to save you money, we’ll find it!


  • Reduce Tax Liabilities
  • Protection From IRS and State
  • Stop Bank Liens and Levies
  • Discreet and Confidential

Our Specialties

Tax Returns

Tax Resolution

Business Formation

Protection From IRS & State

Licensed Tax Professionals

We are Tax Specialists who are Federally licensed to represent our clients in Federal Tax Court and legal to operate in all 50 States. We focus on lowering our clients taxable income so they don’t owe the IRS or State a dollar more than necessary.

If you have found yourself owing the IRS or State large sums of money, then we can help permanently & quickly reduce your taxes and protect you from further harm.

“Having a tax resolution expert prepare your tax return ensures that you’re paying the lowest taxes possible.”

Katherine Taylor

CDA Accounting

Loan Approvals

We work with your Mortgage Broker to get you approved for the maximum loan amount fast.

Optimized Deductions

We help you optimize your business & personal tax deductions which lowers your tax liabilities.

IRS & State Letters

We respond to IRS | State letters within 24 hours and immediately help to reduce future in-depth audits.

Liens & Levies

We remove State & Federal liens and levies quickly and descreetly.

Experience Our Highly Rated Client Portal.

Easily connect with your tax expert in real time.

Client Portal Options

We offer a smart phone app for Apple & Android along with an easy desktop login area.

It's That Easy!

Upload, download, receive, and sign, using your phone or computer from anywhere in the world.

Client Portal App For Your Phone

Clients are able to securely share files, snap photos of documents and instantly upload, complete a to-do list, e-Sign documents, receive and send 100% secure messaging all from your mobile device. 

Client Portal App Store

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User-Friendly Dashboard That Makes Life Easier.

We provide you with a client portal via smart phone app or by logging in directly using a computer. Your dashboard is simple, comprehensive, and allows you to communicate with us in real time.

user friendly client portal

Canopy is the highest rated client portal on the market.

Our firm uses Canopy to securely store tax documents, easy uploads, communicate in real-time, and to keep clients updated on the progress of their tax returns & resolution cases.

Stay Informed

See your to-do list and notes from your tax pro in real time.

Military Security

Our secure portal has bank & military grade security.

Upload Documents

Use a smart phone or computer to upload in seconds.

e-Sign Made Easy

Electronically sign your documents fast by phone or email. 





High Earners

2023 statistics based on H.R. 5376: Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

CDA Tax Accountants

Service Overview

Tax Resolution, removing IRS & State tax issues quickly and greatly reducing clients tax liabilities owed.

Get the lowest tax liability possible. We handle personal returns, 1099, LLC, Trusts, Partnerships, S Corporations, and C Corporations & more.

Our business consultation services are one-of-a-kind. There is no question off the table and all advice is straight forward and easy to follow. 

Our business formations packages come “bank account ready.” Includes help selecting a formation, state & federal filing, EIN, operating agreement/bylaws, & filing fees.

Add-On Services

We’ll help you get your books tax return ready including posting & categorizing transactions, chart of accounts, & reconciliation.

Comprehensive Tax Advisory Plan Report with smart suggestions, quantifiable tax strategies, and insights with measurable results.

All Tax Returns include prepared Quarterly Payment Vouchers so that you can make your payments on time and with ease.

We’ll help you prepare a financial statement, using your own accounting software.



Act now! Call our office today.

Talk with a tax specialist immediately and get the help you need.

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  • Open Monday-Sunday

Tax Return Preparation

As Tax Experts we understand how to help our clients lower their taxable income by preparing and optimizing personal & business tax returns.

If you have messy books, or zero record keeping, that’s just fine. Fortunately, we have an easy “income/deduction worksheet” design just for you.

Reduce Taxes

We optimize your deductions.

Taxes Advisory Plan

We offer the best annual Tax Advisory Plan.

Captial Gains

We reduce capital gains taxes.

Specialize in Business

We focus on reducing taxable business income.

Multi State

We ensure States only get what is required.

Qtrly Est. Payments

We offer Quarterly Est. Payments Voucher.

CDA Tax Experts

Tax Returns

Personal Return

Individual tax return, form 1040, with all State & Federal filings, from simple to complex.

Small Business

Sole proprietor, 1099, single member LLC, Sch C on form 1040, State & Federal filings.

Gift Taxes

For those who gift $15,000+ to one recipient per annual limit, form 709, State & Federal filings.


Tax-exempt Non-Profits that make $50,000+, form 990, State & Federal filings.


Partnership LLC, form 1065, prepared owner K-1’s, State & Federal filings.

S Corporation

S Corporation, LLC with election, form 1120S, prepared owner K-1’s, State & Federal filings.

Estates & Trust

Over 15 of the most common trust, form 1041, prepared K-1’s, State & Federal filings.

C Corporation

C Corporation, form 1120, prepared owner K-1’s, State & Federal filings.

Tax Return Extras

Add on one or all of these services.


We prepare all four “Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments” and provide you with easy to use “payment slip vouchers.” Use these vouchers to mail in with a check or as a reference if paying online.


Receive a custom and comprehensive Tax Advisory Plan with smart suggestions, tax strategies, and insights. Includes, year over year comparison, estimated tax savings, quantifiable tax strategies, with measurable results.

Get advice today!

Consultation Services For Business

Tax Resolution

Are you ready to get rid of IRS & State tax issues?

Permanently resolve IRS and State tax issues with the leading tax experts in the Northwest. We save our clients millions every year by focusing on negotiations & mediation with all agencies involved.

  • Dramatic Reductions
  • Stop Liens & Levies
  • We Handle 100%
  • Immediate Results
  • Descreet & Private

IRS Resolutions

State Resolutions


Reductions in Taxes

Licensed in all States

Quickly and Permanently Resolve tax problems.

There's a good resolution strategy for every tax problem.

We develop and optimized tax resolution strategies that will ensure that you’re getting the best possible outcome allowed by law.

Our firm represents our clients in front of all tax courts, mediates and negotiates with IRS and State agencies on your behalf. Our clients will never have to risk self incrimination while working with us.

Immediate Stop Order

Within 24-hours of hiring us we prepare and file for an immediate STOP ORDER that prevents the IRS or State from placing liens on your property, garnishing 75% of your paycheck, or levying both personal and business bank accounts.

End Harassment

By filing as your Federally Licensed Tax Resolution Professional, the IRS and State can no longer harass or encourage self-incrimination by phone, email, and letters. We’ll communicate directly with IRS and State agents for you.

Fast Results

We work fast to put a stop to growing fees, fines, interest, and penalties. Our firm focuses on getting you back in control of your finance quickly with optimal results.

Starting in 2022 The IRS Has Grossly Increased Audits On Business Owners.

Hire a Licensed Tax Professional Today!





Client Resources

Should I Hire a Professional to Resolve My IRS Problems?

Sometimes taxpayers with IRS tax problems decide to face the IRS on their own.   Sometimes they hire a professional like a CPA, Attorney or EA, but not someone who specializes in tax resolution.  The best thing to do when faced with an IRS Problem is to hire an expert...

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5 Myths About Tax Professionals

Myth #1: All tax professionals have basically the same training. The Truth:  Not all tax professionals have the same training.  A Tax Resolution Specialist, for example, undergoes a rigorous comprehensive training and participates in annual continuing education...

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Why You May Need to File an Amended Return

Few people look forward to tax filing season. Unless you are an accountant who loves tax season, you probably dread this time of year, and you are thrilled when your return is in and your refund is on the way or your tax debt is all paid off. When you sign your tax...

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Our 8 Point Plan to Resolving Your IRS Tax Problem

1. We will meet or speak with you and thoroughly discuss your tax situation. It is important that we obtain a thorough understanding of your unique situation.  This personal interview will provide us with the background needed to develop the appropriate strategy for...

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Don’t procrastinate! Tax issues only get worse.

Our clients never meet with IRS or State agents, removing the possibility of self-incrimination.

IRS and State agents are trained to use words and phrases that sound like they mean one thing, but they are designed to confuse you into self-incrimination.

Are You A Criminal?

Over 73.8% of all referrals to the IRS’s criminal investigation division (CID) came from that “nice” guy that you’re sitting across the table with at the audit. Self-incrimination is an easy thing to do when the agent is trained to use words that you do not understand.

Permanently Resolve

Wage Garnishments

Bank Levies

Delinquent Tax Returns

Property Liens

IRS & State Taxes Owed

Payroll Taxes

IRS & State Audits

IRS & State Collections

Harassing Letters

Audit Letters

IRS Adjusted Taxes


We negotiate an offer for a discounted settlement.

Asking the court for an appeal of the taxes.

Requesting a reduction or removal of penalties.

Removal of property liens for the sale of a home.

Offer in Compromise at the lowest rate allowable by law.

Removal of an innocent spouse.

Responding to IRS & State letters.

Back Filing of old tax returns up to 25 years.



Start a business the right way.

CDA Accounting offers All-Inclusive “Bank Ready” Business Formation Packages that will get you started the right way.

Clients have lower tax liabilities than those who attempt to DIY the business formation process, or those who use other firms in our area.

Local Businesses Formed

Master Business Licenses

Idaho State: Basic

Idaho Master Business License

WA State: Basic

Washington Master Business + Excise Tax License

Payroll Setup

State & Federal Payroll Tax Accounts

Wholesale License

State wholesale/resell License

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Secrets of a Licensed Tax Resolution Pro.

Our Mission Statement is Simple.

“To offer premium financial services aimed at lowering client’s tax liabilities and helping them permanently resolve IRS and State tax issues with outstanding results.”

CDA Accounting has been awarded with the highest credentials issued by the IRS and United States Department of Treasury and have unlimited representation rights. 


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