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Is an Idaho LLC Governed by Bylaws or Operating Agreement?

Is an Idaho LLC Governed by Bylaws or Operating Agreement?


An Idaho LLC’s use an operating agreement whereas corporations use bylaws. An operating agreement is similar in nature but is more specific to the flexible management style of an Idaho LLC. The operating agreement is an important document that aids in legally separating owners from the company.

This document outlines any major aspects of the business including, company information, duties of active owners, percentage of ownership, distribution of profits and losses, buyouts, and death.

An operating agreement is required by banks to open an Idaho business checking or savings account, and to apply for lines of credit.

Is an Idaho LLC Investor Preferred?


Investors are usually seeking a more formal business entity to invest their money. Since an Idaho LLC is held to little requirements concerning management structure, it is easy to destroy the limited liability protection. One of the first moves a creditor or lawsuit will make, is to show that the non-working partners are involved personally. This removes the limited liability barrier and opens the investors up to personal liability.

In addition, investors in LLC’s find it difficult to determine what their money is going to, whether it’s being spent appropriately, and the value they are receiving since there is no stock.

To make matters worse, it is very possible for investors to be distributed a K-1 on profits in which they were never paid. Since an Idaho LLC is still a pass-through entity, all profits on the books will trigger a total payout at the end of the year. Many times, extra profits are being used for operating cost, payrolls, expansion and so on. It may also be an internal issue concerning bad bookkeeping and accounting systems.

Idaho Sales Tax Permit Rules

Who needs a sales tax permit in Idaho?

According to the Idaho State law Idaho requires retailers who are doing business in Idaho, to get a seller’s permit and collect sales tax on the sale of goods.

You’re considered to be doing business in Idaho if you have a physical presence in the state. This presence could be permanent or temporary.

This includes:

  • Having an office located in Idaho
  • Home office
  • warehouse
  • sales or sample room
  • storage place

Maintaining a stock of goods

  • Renting or leasing property to someone who uses the property in Idaho
  • Servicing tangible personal property in Idaho
  • Having a salesman, agent, or representative who comes to Idaho to sell, deliver, install, or take orders.

Coeur d’Alene Business Trial Balance Defined

A trial balance is a list of all accounts in the general ledger that have a balance other than zero. This is prepared right before the financial statements to make sure that the accounts are in balance and that all journal entries have been prepared correctly and accurately according to the reality of your Idaho business.

If the trial balance does not balance (debits do not equal credits), it indicates that there has been an error made in either the recording of the transaction, in the general journal, or in the posting of those transactions in the general ledger. For information on Tax Identification Number EIN click here.