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Selling would be much easier if your Coeur d’ Alene business prospects didn’t object to what you say or what you sell, right? Wrong. In fact, the exact opposite is true.  When prospects raise objections at any point during the sales cycle, and especially during the presentation and closing segments, what they are really telling you is that they are interested in what you have to say and what you are selling. If not, they would just say, “I am not interested,” which is not an objection but a flat-out refusal to even be involved in the process because they simply do not want what you are selling. 

When prospects raise objections, they are in fact asking you to do one of two things. 

  1. First, they are giving you a signal to do your job. They think that buying is the right decision, but they need that decision reconfirmed; they need you to persuade them that buying is the right decision. 
  2. Second, they have one or more points or things that they do not fully understand about your product or service, or the buying process and they need these points explained by you in greater detail and cleared up before they can commit to buying. 

Therefore, the savvy Coeur d’ Alene business salesperson knows full well that objections are really just a yes in disguise and a positive step closer to the confirming the sale.