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If you bought all the different kinds of Coeur d’Alene business insurance available to you, you’d be broke before you made your first sale. First determine what insurance is required by law, what insurance is required by you landlord or by a lend, what insurance is extremely important, and what insurance you can do without.

Basic fire insurance. Covers fire and lighting losses to your building, equipment, and inventory. Fire premiums vary widely and are based upon the location of your property, the degree of fire protection in your community, the type of construction of the building, the nature of your Coeur d’Alene business and of neighboring Idaho businesses. If you move into a building next to a woodworking or dry-cleaning shop, your fire premiums will be high even if your Idaho-based business is a low fire risk.

  • A sprinkler system in your building will sharply reduce your premium.
  • Your computer may be covered under a fire insurance policy, but the data in your computer is usually excluded from coverage.