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There are web designers, amateurs and professionals, inn every town in the country. You can hire an individual or a Coeur d’Alene business. Your Idaho business can hire someone who advertises nationally, someone who you never meet in person. Or, as I much prefer, you can hire someone local, who you can meet and work with, face to face.

Get recommendations from other CDA businesses. If you work with a local internet service provider (ISP), they will know, or even heave, people ho design sites. A local computer shop, or the local college computer instructor, can usually recommend web designers.

Three important considerations

  1. Look at other web sites the designer created. Do they look good? Do they load fast? Do they work well? Consider contacting the web site owners to ask if they’d recommend the designer.
  2. Do the major search engines find the designer’s web sites and give them prominent listings? A good web designer knows how to design a web site, so search engines find the site.
  3. Will the designer create a site for you that you can maintain, change, and update yourself without designer’s ongoing assistance?