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The online auction service, eBay, has become one of the most visited web sites on the internet.  

There are three basic ways to sell your Coeur d’ Alene business goods through eBay. 

  1. The first is single or multiple items via their auction service.  The price can be a reserved amount you set, meaning that if you set the reserve at $25 then someone would have to bid higher than $25 in order to buy your product. Or you can sell your products on the auction unreserved; meaning the highest bidder in the allotted time buys it. 
  2. The second is single or multiple items can be sold through their fixed price sellers’ system, kind of like a catalog of thousands of products listed in various sections. 
  3. And the third is to open your own eBay store, where in effect you could list your entire inventory, if you wished. There are numerous categories so don’t worry, you’ll find one no matter what you sell. 

Additionally, eBay has created various ways to promote your CDA store or the items that you are selling, including picture listings, feature listings, and more. You can use your existing payment systems to accept payments from customers or you can sign up for the various payment services offered through eBay, such as electronic checks and PayPal, and have the money automatically forwarded to your Coeur d’ Alene business bank account. 

The fees vary greatly in direct response to the number of services your CDA business wants and needs, but in large part are more than reasonable, especially when you consider that overheads are low, you will have no sales staff or few distribution costs, and you will not have the expense and maintenance associated with operating your own e-commerce web site. Many top retailers and manufacturers have found eBay to be a convenient and profitable way to sell and distribute their goods, worth consideration, especially if you want access to a global audience via a web site that is billed as the World’s Largest Online Marketplace.