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When Marketing your Coeur d’Alene Idaho Business you will need to know what a “Takeaway Close” is

 Does this situation sound familiar?

Guest: Do you have any rooms available? 

Idaho Hotel Desk Clerk:  Sorry. No, I do not think so. (dramatic pause) Wait, let me check; maybe there has been a cancellation. If there is a room available, do you want it? 

Guest: Yes, please.

Miraculously the clerk will find a room after a few moments of fidgeting with the computer and a few “it doesn’t look good” sighs. Of course, the room that is suddenly available will be a premium room like a honeymoon or executive suite and will cost an extra $50 over a standard room. This is what is called a Takeaway close and is defined by telling Someone they can’t have your product/service to make them want it more.

Why Idaho Hotels inn CDA Use This Tactic

Coeur d’Alene Hotels do this because they know that travelers are tired and more agreeable if they think that every hotel and motel in town is full. The thought of having to sleep in a car does not appeal to many people, a motivating factor to buy. Not deceptive, just using effective closing skills that are required in the extremely competitive accommodation industry. 

 Another Way To use The Takeaway Close

Another example of the takeaway close is to give your prospect something, providing they buy; the best something is generally money. For instance, if you sell hot tubs, at the beginning of the presentation (not during or near the close) in the showroom, at the trade show, or wherever the sales presentation was being conducted, you could give your prospect a “$200 Hot Tub” coupon. The coupon could be redeemable or applied against the purchase of any hot tub in stock on that day. Now the prospect has something of value, namely $200, and if she does not buy a hot tub today, you will take that $200 away. This is a powerful closing simply because no one wants to have something taken away, especially money once she already has it in her possession.

 Why You Should Use This Tactic

The take away close us one of the best ways to motivate the people of CDA to make Decisions that you want them to make is to tell them that they cannot have something, or that they cannot do something. For decades top hotels have trained front desk clerks to master the takeaway close because of how useful a tactic it can be.