Coeur d’ Alene Business Private Label Myth 

Only local retailers with deep pockets can afford to develop, stock, and sell their own private CDA label merchandise.


Never in the history of Coeur d’ Alene has private labeling or private label merchandise costs been lower or the opportunities more abundant than right now.

The Rest of the Story

Free trade, global economy, marketplace, and emerging new world economies chalk it up to what you want but one thing is true; regardless of size, number of outlets, or financial budgets just about all Coeur d’ Alene retailers can offer their local customers merchandise under their own private label. 

For the vast majority of CDA retailers private labeling is perhaps the only way they will ever be able to establish a brand name, awareness, and image for their business in Coeur d’ Alene. Private labeling comes in many forms and, therefore, many price entry points. Everything from the super elite practice of having a product line exclusively designed and developed for your retailing venture, right down to small manufacturing outfits that will simply add a name to a common product to make it private and exclusively you. 

The easiest way to find out about immediate private labeling opportunities is to first talk to your CDA suppliers, especially if they are also the manufacturer of the goods that you stock and sell, to see what Local programs they may already have in place or what private labeling opportunities can be created. If that fails, then simply turn to the internet or the SBA to conduct research and contact manufacturers who manufacture goods specifically for private labeling purposes. A simple “private labeling” search on Google will return thousands of matches representing numerous industries, products, and manufacturers.