Successful Coeur d’Alene Idaho business negotiations can take a great deal of time, often spanning more than one meeting or even more than a few weeks or months depending on what is being sold and at what value.

Consequently, understand that the true value of the sale is not in the immediate value off what is on the table presently, but in the value the customer represents over a lifetime of loyalty to your CDA Idaho business and brand. Selling a car for $25,000 today is great but taking the time to build a strong relationship with your customers that can result in selling ten $25,000 cars over a lifetime is ten times more valuable. Likewise, do not rush prospects to make a decision if you see that they require time to do so. Not everyone is comfortable or used to making buying decisions on the spot; some need time away to collect their thoughts and rationalize or justify the purchase and you must give these people that space.

In the end if you have done your job properly and stay in contact with “slow deciders,” the majority will eventually go ahead with the deal.