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Here are a few more clever Coeur d’Alene Idaho tricks that you can use for crafting great sales letters that are guaranteed to get you the response that you want.


Use action-oriented power words and phrases that draws in the people of Coeur d’ Alene like:

  • free samples
  • call now
  • set an appointment
  • delivery on time

Action words and phrases get the reader instantly involved in the message and theme of the letter and excited to learn more.


Never end a page with a completed sentence if the letter is more than one page long. Instead force the reader to continue reading. Do this by stating an incentive or special offer at the bottom of the first page and completing it at the top of the second page. Or use an additional benefit that your product or service provides the readers as a way to keep them involved in the letter. Basically, be it an incentive, guarantee, or second big benefit, use something that is powerful and important to the readers to ensure that they turn the page and continue to read and stay involved.

Make It Visually Appealing

Make your Coeur d’Alene sales letters visually appealing with color, graphics, and bold paragraph headings on attractive professionally printed letterhead emblazoned with your Idaho business logo and catch phrase. Likewise make sure that your color selection, font, and logo are all consistent with the rest of your printed business materials. People visually link consistent styles with a CDA business when they are repeatedly exposed to the Idaho business ‘unified corporate image-prospects and customers can begin to instantly identify your Idaho business just by the envelope, letterhead, or color scheme that you use in a consistent manner throughout all your marketing and promotional activities.

Use Plain English

Make the letter easy to read and understand. Always skip the technical jargon and just use plain English. Never go out of your way to make the reader feel stupid by using language and terms that they could not possibly understand. Nothing will turn a reader off faster than this. Likewise check spelling, grammar, and structure and if time allows try to let the letter sit for a few days then return to complete the editing. You will almost always find information that you want to include and some that you want to delete.

 Tell the Reader What to Do

Tell the CDA readers what you want them to do:

  • Call
  • Stop by the showroom
  • Order now
  • Log on to your website for more exciting information.

Tell the readers what you want them to do next and make sure that you give them the tools required for them to take that desired action. The required tools can include full contact information, a coupon if used as an incentive, a customer testimonial if you want them to contact happy Idaho customers, or a self-addressed and stamped envelope if you want them to respond by mail, just to mention a few. Once again, the easier you make if for the people of Coeur d’Alene to do what you want them to do, the more people who will do it.